E30 at night

Three more from when there was still snow on the ground (sort of).

Another snowfall wouldn’t be unwelcome— pity if this was the last (and for that matter, only) hurrah of the season. But it’s been only rain and mild temperatures since.

~ by velofinds on January 30, 2012.

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  1. I like the contrast of the orange glow of the instrument panel to the surrounding darkness. Eye catching! Great pic! Maybe a “Grab Bag” with similar shots could be an idea?

    • Agree. That last one just says, ‘Let’s drive!’…

    • I haven’t notice the glow from the instrument panel at first actually. It does look great! So as the bokeh in the background on the other ones, very nice quality pictures you got here. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. If you need more snow i heard that Fulton, NY and the Tug Hill plateau got 35 inches yesterday. Here in Jersey we are having a California winter.

    • thanks. that’s up past the finger lakes – i had to look it up – so pretty far upstate! hopefully that makes its way down at some point.

      • From Philly take 476 to 81 and keep going north for about 4-4 and a half hours.(Dry roads few NYS troopers) It looks like the snow will remain north for a while.

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