Lincoln Re-launches as Sophisticated, Not Showy

Ford has put in the time and money to re-launch the Lincoln brand with a new and aggressive advertising program, including a Jimmy Fallon Super Bowl commercial and other fireworks that are still under wraps at Ford HQ.

The re-energized marketing campaign has already led to higher brand recognition among key demographics. Ford kept up the full-court press earlier this month with its major showing at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, a yearly showcase held in its own backyard; there, Ford introduced the Lincoln MKC, the second vehicle Lincoln has released since the brand’s self-proclaimed reinvention, with two more redesigned vehicles to follow in the next two years as the brand assumes a bigger role in Ford’s overall line-up.

As reported by AutoCar magazine, Lincoln’s Head of Marketing Jim Farley spoke about how the financial crisis has opened up greater space in the market for a brand like Lincoln, which is positioning itself as ‘progressive luxury’, a brand that is all about being ‘discreet not showy’. It’s a smart gamble, given that such a motto would seem to be in keeping with the more restrained financial times in the American and world economies, and especially in light of U.S. political battles over ‘takers’ versus ‘makers’ and rallying cries about the ’99 per cent’.

The idea is to attract the savvy, upper middle-class or wealthy buyer who wants comfort and style, but doesn’t need opulence or in-your-face styling to do it; it’s the difference between a huge and elegant ball-gown worn by a Hollywood starlet on the Red Carpet, and an everyday designer suit which looks and feels fantastic but does not scream about the price tag. The clean lines and elegant, restrained styling of the new Lincoln MKC seems pitch-perfect, and exactly in keeping with the new Lincoln brand; but meanwhile, luxury competitors continue to roll out flashier models, begging the question: has Lincoln chosen the right path? It’s unclear, but thus far, the gamble seems like one worth taking.

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