We were just thinking about these the other day

They still look so good, don’t they? Objectively speaking, 911s may continue to get faster and better all the time, but viscerally at least, the 993 Turbo to us is still the pinnacle of the road-going 911. It is so perfectly proportioned.

Images via the manufacturer, Pete Tsai

~ by velofinds on January 19, 2012.

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  1. I’ll take one in Arena Red.

    • aye— ever since the days of the classic “kills bugs fast” print ad, i’ve been sold on arena red. so, so classy.

      like the 993 turbo and arena red, some cars and colors go together like peanut butter and jelly. the e36 m3 (coupe) and dakar yellow is another combination that comes to mind.

      • Absolutely! Saw a Dakar Yellow E36 yesterday at the track.

        Other cars (strangely, I can only think of BMWs) tied to colors for me are Imola Red for the first M Coupe and the dark blue on the E39 M5.

  2. so true- and they sound so sweet.

  3. I agree 100%

  4. Definitely the pinnacle of air cooled 911 styling with the original roofline. That flared rear fender has to be one of the sexiest forms ever committed to sheet metal.

  5. I agree. From this point on, starting with the 996, Porsche develop that terrible “hump” on the arse that is still there today, totally ruins the purity of line.

  6. this certainly gets the blood stirring unlike the new 991.
    sidebar – will porsche re-use the 993 model number ?

  7. The fact that these cars can be had for less than a new 3 series makes them very tempting.

  8. One exactly like the third pictured (black on chromes) shares the other end spot of our triplex’s 3-car garage. Good company for my new car!

    Also, less than a new 3-series? Not one of the Turbos…

  9. Completely agree. The 993 is Mona Lisa.

    This is also why RWB really pisses me off.

  10. i think these are by far the most overrated 911s around……hyped to the moon……the 993 would be low on my list of 911s i’d be after when i finally do get after one!

  11. I disagree. the overhangs ruin the pure lines of the 901 prototype. My ultimate 911 is the Carrera RS with the duckbill spoiler. In Gulf blue, please.

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