We liked this German Mercedes-Benz tuner more back then than we do now. On the other hand, the same could also be said of Mercedes-Benz themselves…

Some epic stuff here – some of it over-the-top (it is 1980s aftermarket German tuning, after all) – but epic nevertheless.

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~ by velofinds on January 11, 2012.

5 Responses to “Lorinser”

  1. Makes you wonder where all these cars are today…

  2. You’ve no idea how much I want that van!!!

  3. Insane body roll in the last pic! So funny to see them show a photo of the car doing exactly what their products are supposed to prevent. Love those cars though. The black grilles are awesome.

  4. I love the (w123?) wagon! It’s also amazing how much tire technology has changed.

  5. Gosh… that Estate thing is so cool!! I’d die for one!

    Sadly the W123’s we use to see around here look much worse than this beauties…

    Thumbs up

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