Opel Manta

Not something you see everyday. If you live in the States, it’s not something you see, well, ever. That’s too bad, because this is looking pretty damn hot right here.

Images by magnumleigh.

We *will* own a car with individual throttle bodies someday. So, so sexy.

~ by velofinds on January 10, 2012.

5 Responses to “Opel Manta”

  1. I’ve seen a Manta here in the US. When I was a kid(~10-15 years ago) one of my friend’s parents had gorgeous pale blueish silver Manta.

  2. Before GM’s central planning spoiled local content. Though, in this case it probably benefits from that later 16-valver transplant…

  3. How about this one?! My favorite Opel on the planet.


  4. I could do without the wing but love the engine bay. That’s serious business!

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