Snapped this pic while waiting for the Automobiliac and IEDEI

Looks can be deceiving— this is actually a really trendy neighborhood in New York 😉

Many miles and hours later, we ended up at a bowling alley somewhere in rural upstate.. go figure.

~ by velofinds on January 9, 2012.

12 Responses to “Snapped this pic while waiting for the Automobiliac and IEDEI”

  1. The wheels on the e30 look great. Are those from a 7 series?



  2. Focusing on the important stuff, what scores did you guys get at bowling?

  3. love the red GTV6 peeking back there!

  4. You really have a great looking E30 right there. Wheels, color, rear spoiler, stance; perfect!


  5. Rural Upstate is 150-200 miles from there. Try Old 17 to Binghampton area then 79 on in to Ithaca. Branch out from there. Alternatively take 87 to Route 3 back over to Watertown. That is the real upstate. You weree barely out of NYC/North Jersey

  6. That stance is pretty much perfect.

    • i’m pretty happy with it, although i can’t take credit for it since it was the work of the PO. if i had to start from scratch, i could live with it being just a touch higher.

  7. good times yo!

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