Have you ever seen a more beautiful color?

(Okay, French racing blue on the Bugatti Type 35 comes to mind.)

Read somewhere that the color here is called “Patina Green,” although that could be wrong.

Perhaps more interestingly, could any modern car pull off this color?

About the car:

~ by velofinds on January 3, 2012.

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  1. A C6 Corvette (Z06 or ZR1) could possibly pull this color off. Wheel choice and color would make it or break it though.

    Anything with curves would have chance: Lotus, new Beetle, etc.

    A BMW 135 might work too.

  2. Herrlich! Certainly on par with Aetna blau on a 356…

  3. Z3m roadster in evergreen is the only other car this looks incredible on.

  4. @Doc— never knew about that color! it’s certainly very similar:

  5. Wow!!! The wife passed on 2011 Porsche Sand white but maybe this color would look good on the MK1 cabby..

    • So far her 1st choice is the 95 Volvo T5-R cream yellow of course 😉

  6. Reminds me a bit of the color “Celeste” found on Bianchi bicycles. The color originated at the same time period. Creamy pastel colors were big in the 1930s. I could see this color on a Lamborghini Aventador or even a Lotus Exige.

  7. Here’s a picture of my Evergreen M Coupe. Looks very similar but maybe a tad darker. I too never knew about this color on an older model.


  8. updated the tags with some of the information learned here.

    it’s a funny thing about BMW Evergreen. it’s certainly a nice color, but i think it’s an unfortunate misnomer.

  9. One of the only colors that I have seen that trumps that green would be a light purple I found on a 300SL while I was touring Paul Russell & Co… the fortunate man who owns the car is the only one with the paint formula for the color, so it is the only one in the world- so I’m told!

    This is the only pic I found of it!
    Mercedes 300SL

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