The start of something new in 2012?

Reader Joel sent in this idea (a variation of similar requests we’ve periodically gotten in the past from other readers):

I know a few good roads and several car guys that would love nothing better than to go driving 🙂 And that gives me another idea. You should work on a way to link up local MCB fans.

So what do you say, MCB readership— is this something that folks would be interested in? If so, let us know, along with your city and state, and depending on the level of interest as well as uh, geographical synergies, we’ll try to come up with something.

We note that these sort of ‘meet n’ drive’ groups actually appear to be quite common in vintage car- and supercar-owning circles, but why should those clubby groups get to have all the fun? Regardless of what you drive, we want to democratize motoring con brio 🙂

Leave a comment here, or if you prefer, email us. This could be the start of something fun and grassroots-y in 2012.

(Image: Roger Egea)

~ by velofinds on January 2, 2012.

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  1. Great idea! Now let me think …!

  2. I’m way down in central Florida where the roads are flat and straight, but I love the idea. Maybe something good in this sort of thing could happen just a couple hours north of Tampa, and if so I’d go.

    -Walter, a noob who has done a bit of autocross.

  3. Heh..

    • I too am in north central Florida and do enjoy some regular motoring con brio with my local car buddies. There are some fine driving roads in this region but it has taken some exploration and networking with fellow enthusiasts to find them.

      For the iPhone users in the group, be sure to download BMW’s very useful driving / route making application. We have marked a couple of our often frequented routes there. Hopefully the local LEOs haven’t been staking them out.

      Tim in N FL
      PCA & BMWCCA member

      • The problem with Saint Petersburg is all the city between me and any of those scenic drives! That said there’s some places up towards Crystal River & Steinhatchee.. and also, if you don’t mind some rather variable states of pavement, around the Withlacoochee.

        -Walter, ACNA member 🙂

  4. Boston here, and definitely interested.

  5. I’m in Pittsburgh and try to get down to WV 250 a few times a year. It would be nice to meet up with some other enthusiasts for a drive.

  6. I Would have loved this !
    But I’m french, and wait, I dont have a car :/ Well, my father own an alfa montreal, i suppose i could borrow it or something 😉

    Keep rocking this blog 😀

  7. metro nyc area (I always assumed the authors were from the area?) Bear Mountain to GPNY anyone? Or Montreal in mid-june 😉 ?

  8. Minneapolis. Definitely interested. Finding good driving roads in MN is a challenge.

  9. greater los angeles area

  10. PNW checking in. Would love to meet up with you guys!


  11. Hell yes. SF Bay area, with occasional jaunts between SF and Seattle.

  12. Sounds great. Spoiled old so cal here(la) always down for a outing. I just spoke to a car nerd fiend of mine saying we need to get out more since we are so close to so much.

  13. Trinidad, CA (Far North California)

  14. Great idea! Texas, if there’s any other readers from here…

    This image demonstrates the problem with the Boxster looking [as Clarkson says] the same in the front and the back… at first I thought it was a 911 driving straight toward the Elise!

    • Texas here as well…..North Texas to be exact. I’m not sure if I even know anyone personally in this area vaguely interested in this…I miss my So-Cal days…

  15. I’m interested. We have some great driving roads here in Atlanta, and it would be good to have a group of different cars and drivers with the common interest of classic cars.

  16. First off, I love your blog. There are a lot of great motoring sites these days, but your pictures are so beautiful. Anyway, another for DC. I’d enjoy an meet-n-drive with a group other than PCA, though PCA Patomic puts on really excellent track days.

    -currently 911 (but I’m still a BMW guy)

  17. Denver guy – there’s a local Volvo club out here that has introduced me to some great drives. Looking forward!

  18. Would love to take part in the drive! Montreal, Quebec, Canada here!

  19. Checking in from Seattle. There are lots of outstanding driving roads out here. I typically participate in “driving tours” with my local BMWCCA chapter, but I’d love to meet up with others as well.

  20. Sign me up! I’m in Vermont

  21. SF and I am in. Of course I drive an Element! But it has the nickname of RME (Rapidly Moving Element)

  22. Long time reader and admirer of your blog, am very interested and in Boston/Toronto! But I’ll be happy just so long as you keep the up the quality work! I read a lot of auto related blogs and yours is one of my very favorites! Cheers!

  23. San Diego. You seem to be have a very geographically diverse group of readers!

  24. Aye. DC area. Vermont in summer months.
    Noob w a 2000 2.5RS, limited rally and autocross exp.

    Meet up or no, keep up the great work. Excellent site. Beautiful pics.

  25. Sounds like a good idea to me, anyone interested out near Corpus Christi, TX?

  26. I’m in Central Virginia(Orange) – this sounds like a great idea!

  27. I am a huge fan of this blog, and like you am in NYC. I have what I think is the perfect car pairing of an e46 M3 and 325iX, with a Spec Miata in FL. It would be fun to do meet-n-drives in the Spring.

  28. New Yorker here , sounds like a great idea

  29. done 🙂

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