And now for a bit of self-aggrandizement: our automotive year in pictures

Here are some of our personal highlights from 2011. There were times where we didn’t carry a camera and others where we couldn’t be bothered to shoot – a rained-out Watkins Glen event (when does it ever *not* rain at Watkins?) and a sweltering summer weekend at Summit Point come to mind – but for the rest of those times, here’s some photographic output.

Scene from last winter. All the world’s a rally stage when it snows, no? At least in appearance:

Other than a freak snowstorm in October, we have yet to see anything remotely resembling snow this winter. Eagerly waiting in anticipation— the opportunities for a bit of old-fashioned hooning are what we look forward to the most in the winter, which is a sentiment we’re sure a lot of our fellow hoons living in northern climates share 🙂

We see the addition of a new stablemate, and immediately proceed to pour lots of money into it— the joys of keeping an older car looking good and running well 🙂

Lime Rock in June any time of the year is a fine place to be:

We drive the Tail of the Dragon and other area roads, easily the best we have ever had the pleasure of driving. This is motoring heaven, enough to rival even the experience of driving on race tracks (in our opinion).

Granted, we were fortunate enough to encounter some seriously favorable driving conditions— largely clear skies, minimal traffic and law enforcement presence, no mechanical issues of any kind. We realize the pendulum could have easily swung the other way, but such is the unpredictable nature of driving public roads.

We toy – briefly but intensely – with the idea of a bargain-priced E28 M5. After going to check out the car, we think better of it— one of those cases where it looks good from far but ends up being far from good.

Not the last time we’ll look at an E28, we’re sure.

Quick shoot with a friend:

S52B32 engine (from an E36 M3) under that Diamondschwarz bonnet. The car is a riot to drive, as one might expect.

Lightning circuit at New Jersey Motorsports Park:

And finally, one last hurrah at Lime Rock:

That’s all, folks. Got any images from this year that you’d like to share? Feel free to send them in or link them here.

Thanks for tuning in, and happy motoring in 2012.

Black-and-white images ©; Lime Rock images ©

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10 Responses to “And now for a bit of self-aggrandizement: our automotive year in pictures”

  1. The black and white images are exquisite and my favorites.

  2. I really like your photography. Looks like you had some good times this year.

  3. Great work, the E30 shots are sublime! Awesome locations.

  4. Looking great, guys, and a great reflection on the year. I still love your E30 so, so much.

    That said, I’m glad I found my E28. I love it. A roadtrip mob up to WA for the holidays was maybe more fun than the straight-through Tennessee-California, but that trip defined my year, so I’ll share it again!

  5. Is that a milltek R32 look setup you’ve got there on the GTi?

  6. Some classy images as always, guys!
    Another vote for the E30 shots, all. The subject matter can’t help but lend an air of ‘discerning enthusiast’ to the images.
    Here’s a few shots of the year that was from my our lenses:

  7. thanks matt! some very nice images— posting inline:

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