Lux interior

These might just be the most beautifully-sculpted seats we have ever seen in any car— even if they don’t look especially supportive.

(Thumbs up if you get that subject reference, by the way.)

From the always-reliable Joe Sackey

~ by velofinds on December 22, 2011.

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  1. That interior screams early-70’s design. 100% style over function. Love it.

  2. lumbar schlumbar!

  3. Gwar?

  4. Ahh, the Haitian Countach…interesting story behind this car IIRC. Good stuff, MCB.

    • good catch! i hadn’t even noticed that. from the website:

      *Silvera is best described as a wealthy hotelier, diplomat, sports car fanatic and old-time playboy (and not necessarily in that order!). He owned the exotic El Rancho Hotel near Port Au Prince in Haiti, jet-set destination during the 1960s and 1970s to the likes of Liz Taylor and Richard Burton, Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall etc. He was also Haiti’s Director of Tourism. He special-ordered most of his Italian cars directly from Enzo Ferrari or Ferruccio Lamborghini, all built to one-off specification with special appointments. His diplomatic status allowed him to import his one-off Ferrari and Lamborghini Supercars into the USA in the 1970s without modifying them, running them as he did on Haiti diplomatic plates. In the 1970s, Ferrari specialists Cresswell-Baumgarten in Fort Lauderdale were responsible for the maintenance of the entire Silvera car collection at both his Miami mansion and his Port Au Prince hotel.

      having been to port-au-prince, the idea of seeing a lamborghini there is unthinkable to me. on the other hand i am not at all surprised that it is (or was) a bureaucrat running around in one.


  6. WTF Are those Heuer dashboard timers doing in there?? I love them but they look so utterly out of place and poseurish, since you cant even reach them, probably…Love love love the seats.

  7. As many have pointed out before, ergonomics was of little concern when this car was designed. I’d still have one though. With or without spoiler. It still looks like it’s from the future.

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