Just another day in the car capital of the world (for better or for worse)

El Lay’s Mulholland Drive. Entertaining video, if not necessarily quite as envy-inducing as one might imagine.

Seems to us that Mulholland is where one goes to see and be seen, while the business of proper driving (i.e., without the spectacle) is better left to the countless other ribbons of twisty tarmac that the whole of California generously has to offer (and the more under the radar the better).

Many more such videos on this user’s YouTube Channel (a sort of Mulholland wall of shame for both two wheels and four).

~ by velofinds on December 20, 2011.

5 Responses to “Just another day in the car capital of the world (for better or for worse)”

  1. Highlights for me: Jay Leno in his Bugatti T35, and the Lotus 11. Plus watching the Lambo get pulled over for putting 2 wheels over the centerline…blargh.

    What is up with the 2 fake bugattis?? That blue Atlantic is not a real one. It’s a replica of the car Ralph Lauren owns, but before he painted it black.

    • Like much of life in LA – there is indeed a lot of fake stuff there. Some of the other clips appear to show a doped road so the unsuspecting riders can take a fall for the cameras too…

  2. This clip had the worst looking wing on a Lotus I have ever seen. Other than that not too shabby.

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