What’s life with the Alfa GTV like?

This well done short film by a Danish owner might give us the clearest window into ownership yet. It reminds us of everything we love about vintage sports cars and about the joys of motoring— even if it’s just a quick blast around the block.

Hat tip to IEDEI for the outstanding find!

~ by velofinds on December 13, 2011.

4 Responses to “What’s life with the Alfa GTV like?”

  1. This is great! Lots of time and work in this short video. I hope the guy who made this makes more of videos of this car in the future. Love the sound of an Alfa!

    • randy, i agree. short video, but having made one myself, i know it isn’t easy to film and edit them to be interesting and compelling to watch. there are technically better videos, recorded with better equipment and edited to look more professional, but i thought this one had excellent bones to it.

  2. Good stuff…more people should do this…as you said, give the video good bones; engine sounds, attention to detail on the car’s components and put it out there…makes for interesting viewing!

  3. Delightful, though I would have preferred an Alfa-only soundtrack.

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