German motoring program “D Motor” really likes the Evo IX

Odd? We think not. See for yourself:

~ by velofinds on December 9, 2011.

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  1. comparing these cars against each other is quite a let down….different types of cars, different prices, different goals, and different types of engineering. On a track, i’ll take an Evo…..on the street, I wouldn’t.

    • On a track, i’ll take an Evo…..on the street, I wouldn’t.

      i couldn’t agree more with this conclusion. i still genuinely like the S5, which to me represents the complete package— it has looks, sportiness, everything.

  2. The Evo was never marketed as having any sort of luxury/grand touring pretenses. It’s rough ride, short gearing & tiny gas tank pretty much saw to that. It’s a tool for driving fast… nothing handles quite like an Evo. I loved the IX so much, I’ve owned 2 (an MR & an SE) and I still regret selling them to get an X. The X is a much more refined car, & if I’m honest it’s probably even more capable on a track (especially if you throw a few more hp at it… it kinda porked up compared to the IX) but it’s nowhere near as fun, IMO. I got rid of the X, & I’m planning to pick up another IX to share garage space with the E30 M3. I’ve vowed never to sell my E30 for the same reasons I love the IX, & if I do get another I may not let it go again either. Dynamically, it just cannot be beaten by anything close to it’s price point. Steer clear if it’s gonna be your only car though.

  3. Great stuff. I really wish there was a less flashy looking version of the Evo, though.

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