E30, fog, and grain

Words cannot describe how much we love this. One sees so little film photography these days that coming across the occasional shot like this feels like a blast of fresh air. Film’s rough-hewn properties appeal to us on a visceral level that digital has yet to match, and perhaps never will.

Image by our friend Otis Blank

~ by velofinds on December 6, 2011.

6 Responses to “E30, fog, and grain”

  1. I love good B&W photography! More!

  2. well, film surely can´t match the feeling of a 3D sharp-as-hell experience. there are advantages in this as well. it´s just a totally different thing.

    • perhaps, but since it’s so ubiquitous it has to me lost all specialness. digital imagery to me is very ordinary. i acknowledge that other people may feel differently.

  3. Love film grain and black and whites!

  4. Embrace the grain. That is one hell of a shot. More Please!

  5. Otis Blank has some very nice pictures up online – I post his work on Jalopnik all the time

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