Jaguar C-X16 photoshoot, downtown LA

This was a pleasant surprise— a set of very nice, relatively organic images (for a manufacturer) of the Jaguar C-X16 from a downtown LA photoshoot, no doubt meant to dovetail with the 2011 LA Auto Show that happened a couple weeks ago.

The question is, what do folks think of the car? While not perfect (we would have liked to see a bit more restraint exercised in the styling), it’s unquestionably the most exciting thing Jaguar has done in recent memory— to say it evokes a baby Aston Martin, albeit edgier (for better or for worse), wouldn’t be far off the mark we think. Perhaps not what Jag was aiming for, but that’s certainly not a bad thing. And we absolutely love the side-hinged rear window opening— a superbly-executed homage to the E-Type.

(manufacturer photos)

~ by velofinds on November 30, 2011.

8 Responses to “Jaguar C-X16 photoshoot, downtown LA”

  1. I think it looks STUNNING. I think all great designs have a few quirks, and this is no exception. But even looking at it for just 3 seconds is enough to have clearly etched its shape onto my mind. That usually means that something is very good, or, very bad.

  2. Jaguar getting better with age

  3. It’s pretty nice on the eyes, i gotta say!
    wish they could ditch the saleen-style front intakes that are on either side of the central radiator grill.

  4. I like it. Not enough to make me go out and buy one, but I do like it.

  5. it looks like a low-budget Aston Martin produced by an indian car company….oh wait…

  6. I think it’s painfully beautiful from the front angles. Looking at it from the rear, not so much.

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