Skip Barber (Racing School) sighting on “Seinfeld” rerun

The Porsche connection we all know about, but has anyone else ever noticed this?

Yup, according to a poster on the Skippy Forums:

The story the instructors like to tell is that Seinfeld went through the schools and did a few races out in California. (It is true that he’s a past client. I believe he’s on the list they have on the website.) He crashed a few cars, and to make up for it, he gave Skippy massive free publicity by putting the logo sticker on the upper right corner of his fridge. It’s in every episode from the time he decided to do so. After all, it was his show, and stickers aren’t as easily removed by prop managers/set designers as magnets are…

Heh, pretty neat.

And here’s evidence of that aforementioned Porsche obsession:

~ by velofinds on November 23, 2011.

4 Responses to “Skip Barber (Racing School) sighting on “Seinfeld” rerun”

  1. Definitely noticed that!

  2. Not to mention his superman obsession..

  3. there’s a video for that, too 😉

    (an american express commercial, as you might expect.)

  4. Was that Puddy, AKA, Patrick Warburton, doing the voice of Superman?

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