Sometimes, a single image says it all

This should tell you everything you ever needed to know about the state and trajectory of the BMW 6-Series.

~ by velofinds on November 8, 2011.

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  1. Middle aged spread…

  2. BMW have just really lost there way recently. They’ve gone from simple, iconic designs to over styled, formless, play doh shaped appliances. Mercedes, on the other hand, have really hit their stride. The C300 is just so much better looking than the BMW 3 series that I don’t even care which one performs better. I’d have the C300 on looks alone! My neighbor has an M3 and a C300 but I notice he gave the M3 to his wife…

    • I would substitute Mercedes for Audi, personally. Seems like they’re really hitting their stride.

    • The C-series is still okay but I think a lot of the new Mercedes look busy. Like they’re trying too hard. Which, I think, is what BMW is also suffering from. Is it the pressure to look like a “premium” brand and offer a premium degree of features, comfort and weight? Is it the onset of an identity crisis after too many years at the top?

      All I know is, yes, I’d prefer an Audi, but on the basis of looks alone or in terms of “stride-hittingness” (which is attractive in its own way) I’d look at a Hyundai before this 1970s Elvis that BMW seems to have become.


      • I think the new Benz line looks great as well. The C63 AMG sedan and coupe both are both aggressive, yet well proportioned.

        However, i feel like the SLK’s design is a step backward and the new CLS doesn’t stop me in my tracks the same way as it would when I saw the first gen CLS for the first time.

        The niche innovator totally got trumped by the new Audi A7.

        Let’s see what Benz has got up their sleeve with the upcoming S-Class.

  3. Yet, the Hofmeister kink is still present…

  4. I have one of the top ones.

    I love it.

    But I like the other one too in a weird sort of way, and I like the newer model not pictured as well. I disagree about BMW losing their way, and I also believe Mercedes’ design owes much to Bangle’s angles and curves, even though they’d have themselves shot before they admit it.

  5. In regards to any 6 series, I don’t understand how anyone can pay a Hundred Thousand Dollars for a car without *loving* they way it looks. And no one can love the way that car looks. There are too many beautiful cars to be had for that money.

  6. i agree with you about the state of BMW design, Drew—-however I actually quite like the “Bangle” 6-series—-especially in spec’d out 645 or M6 form. I think it is menacing in a good way. I think the Z4 Coupe and the 6-series are 2 cars which actually work(ed) for BMW. The new 6-series, on the other hand—-is like a Hyundai.

  7. What did people think of the E24 when it came out? I guess I dont understand ‘what is beautiful’ when it comes to cars, cause I dont think the shark nose is a good design at all. Has it grown on me? Yes. I have a bunch of respect for it because its a classic and rare now. But a good looking car…dont think so. I think the same goes for the 6 series on the bottom. Its doubt, but i guarantee it will grow on us and become something better over the years.

    I know that when I see a new design come out for a car, im usually against it. “ahhh it will never be like blah blah from the 60’s or 70’s. Then a year later I say to myself, ” wow I kinda like it now”, it begins to grow on me. Idk, something to think about.

    • Hmmm, nope – I was around when the original 6-series came out. *Everybody* loved it, *everybody* wanted it. It did not divide opinion. There were no groups who “loved it” and another who “hated it”.

      That, is the sign of beautiful design.

      • Ok, thats cool to know. Im sure there were people who didnt like it. I still dont understand how the shark nose is a beautiful design. I just dont see it. Thats my opinion, im not trying to start an argument. Would I have one? Yes, yes I would in a heart beat. I think it is a neat looking car but beautiful?

        • There are always people who won’t like a design, but I think it is a safe bet to say that the current 6 series is in no way, and never will be, iconic whilst the E24 is generally regarded as an “iconic” design that is a touchstone in automotive history. In fact, it is a design that is frequently referenced in modern designs. I just don’t see this happening with the new incarnation.

          • Definitely agree with you, E24 is for sure an Iconic Design. Thats a good way to put it. And I totally agree that the latest design will never be an Icon.

  8. When the E24 came out, it was SERIOUSLY desirable. This is not nostalgia talking, in some markets the prices were considerably high reflecting the desirability of the car. TV shows like “A Man Called Hawk” just made them even more so…Avery Brooks + E24= Awesomeness!

  9. On second look, the new 6 doesn’t look so different from this:

  10. I think the first 6 series, while great, stood out in a sea of terrible design. The standard of automobile styling has been raised overall — so the newer 6 series has to work harder. I’ll add that I loved the most “Bangle-y” designs — ironic that BMW tried to stand out and got slapped down by the critics. Didn’t seem to hurt sales, however.

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