Pacific Raceways in Kent, WA doesn’t resemble a race track so much as it does a great winding mountain road

Reaffirming how much we’d like to drive it someday.

Hat tip to BaT for the video.

~ by velofinds on November 2, 2011.

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  1. I really hope I don’t have to wait til retirement to enjoy a day like this.

  2. Another reason to be jealous of car enthusiasts living in the Pacific Northwest – great old cars not rusted into oblivion AND incredible race tracks.

    Sorry about the negativity, but here in New England, we just got hammered by a pre-Halloween snow storm that knocked out trees and power lines everywhere…

    • true, larry, although i might add that lime rock isn’t too shabby 😉

      hope you didn’t have any property damage from the storm.

      • You are quite right – Lime Rock Park is a great venue!

        Unfortunately, many roads are still impassible days later, schools are still closed and thousands of people still without power. We were relatively lucky – power back on yesterday afternoon, and losses limited to refrigerator/freezer contents and several nights in a hotel and eating out. Oh, and they “rescheduled” Halloween.

  3. Gotta Love the classic Alfas on such a great track.
    It must be difficult to race with a raging boner though 🙂

  4. I live in Seattle, and this is my “home track”. It’s a great place, but the surface is really rough, and as a result, PR is very hard on tires. Believe it or not, despite how nice of a venue it is, PR is perpetually struggling to keep the doors open. Pretty common for small tracks without many annual big-ticket events.

    And yes, the Pacific Northwest is incredible when it comes to the abundance of classic/vintage/collector cars. We have a VERY active car community here. I’ve lived in the Northeast, Midwest, and Northwest, and the Northwest take the cake by a huge margin.

  5. Despite the seemingly insurmountable hurdles, the folks at Pacific Raceways have big plans for the future. They are fighting tooth and nail to gain approval for major redevelopment, but seem to be perpetually mired by all sorts of resistance. Their redevelopment plans include resurfacing, relocation of the drag strip, new oval track, paddocks, etc. You can read more and see the master plan here:

    I don’t know why they are getting so much push-back in that location, when things have been going swimmingly for the new road course currently being built in Shelton, WA:

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  7. I moved to Seattle a few years ago from the Boston area. Totally agree with ZeGerman on the quantity and quality of collector cars in the area. The thing I love the most is the sheer quantity of older cars plying the roads out here that weren’t really sought-after enough to attain collector status, but were too good to stop driving. The AMC hornets, the Tercel wagons, the *perfect* red ’82 Subaru GL wagon parked across the street from my apartment.

    PR is a lovely track for what it is — a great track a 40 minute drive from downtown Seattle. The ability to wake up in my own bed, get coffee and drive to the track has totally changed my experience of track days. It has some lovely technical sections, but some rough transitions and sections of very old pavement.

    In the northeast, I’d compare it to something like NHMS — some very entertaining bits, but perhaps not a grand track on the same par as Lime Rock, Watkins Glen or Mont-Tremblant.

    I’m very excited to drive the Ridge next year, too.

    @motoringconbrio folks — love the site. Please keep it up.


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