What the heck?

Never even heard of it before, much less seen it— you are looking at an Alpine M63. Very little information about it online— most notably, three of them appear to have been campaigned at the 1963 24 Hours of Le Mans. None finished, and one claimed the life of Brazilian driver Christian Heins when his car was involved in a fatal accident early in the race.

The car has a fascinating teardrop shape and the characteristic weirdness that you expect of Alpines. You can also see how low it is— again, reminiscent of the A110.

Odd, yet absorbing.

Hat tip to reader Alexandre for the images, as well as for the inspiration behind this post.

~ by velofinds on November 1, 2011.

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  1. Christian Hein was a legend in Brazil, and helped many of our earliest racing drivers. He was largely responsible for bringing the production of the Alpine 108 to the country, re-named as Interlagos.

  2. yes indeed. the M63 is one of my favourite Alpine prototypes—also one of the earliest examples of Alpine going racing properly. Unfortunately 1 car crashed, and the 2 others did not finish at Le Mans IIRC. A beautiful car though, and one that inspired the A108/A110 design. I sometimes wish Alpine would have produced something similar to this as a variant of the A110, as it would have been a thing of utter beauty.

  3. This one? ūüėÄ
    Currently is running the french VdeV series, Historic Endurance Series (http://www.vdev.fr/home.html). This Alpine is a stunning example of classic racing car, absolutly terrific.

    This unit was lapping the Jarama in 1:54, not bad for an 95 Hp and less than 1L displacement racing car.

  4. This Alpine M63 fought with a Porsche 3,0l during 45 minutes when I was at Le Mans! Absolutely awesome!

  5. I’m in love. The youtube videos lead me to conclude that at least one resides in Japan.

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