Too awesome for words

No English, no problem— the language of awesomeness is universal.

The Race Taxi we already know and love – dearly – but the SWB DoKa (or what remains of a DoKa, anyway) is new to us. Wow.

What is it with the Swiss and these cars?

(H/t: Stipistop, via Tamerlane)

~ by velofinds on October 13, 2011.

6 Responses to “Too awesome for words”

  1. Insane.

  2. not entirely sure why you’d start with a crew cab, then remove the crew bit. Surely a single cab with a shortened bed would have been much less work? :/

    • probably for the challenge, or just to say that they did it. i don’t think people necessarily embark on projects like these because they are sensible or effective solutions— from a practical standpoint, there’s no way to justify a €125,000 SWB vw pickup that started off life as a van. none. still, the results are no less impressive, albeit in a deeply crazy sort of way that only a dyed-in-the-wool DIY obsessive or gearhead could possibly embrace.

  3. Wow, the new VW multivan is 57,000 euros, loaded up?

  4. Speaking of fast vans, have you seen this:

    It’s a Ford Transit body mounted on an XJ220 chassis and engine. And is suitably fast.

    And more fast Transits:

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