Not something you see everyday

If a Mazda RX-3 is a rare sight, then an RX-3 race car is doubly so. Looks sweet!

Edit: it’s an RX-2.


~ by velofinds on October 11, 2011.

6 Responses to “Not something you see everyday”

  1. Back when I was rallying there were one or two RX-3 rally cars running around. Vance Walker ran one for a time, and boy was he ever quick.

    They’re loud, too, of course, as the best exhaust for them is a straight pipe.

  2. I know someone who raced one last season in historic racing.. Damn quick car although it was a pig to handle but boy did it sound good.

  3. I believe this is actually an RX-2. The rear quarter window is the giveaway, as the RX-3 has a kick-up that mirrors the flare of the fender, while the RX-2 is mostly flat until it rises at the end.

  4. Yeah it’s an RX2 if anything a later model Capella (1974-1977)

  5. edited. thank you both.

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