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Reader Laurent sent in these photos of his Citroën SM. The last image is from a meet with five other SMs and a Ligier JS2, later examples of which shared the same Maserati V6 as the SM. Thanks Laurent! What a beautiful car you have.

~ by velofinds on September 22, 2011.

8 Responses to “Reader contribution”

  1. gorgeous!

  2. Great location for a photo op (last pic)!

  3. Hey cool a car from Luxembourg. That was one of the last great Citroens.

  4. sure it may be the last great Citroëns…

  5. So, I am right that you are from Luxembourg?

    • sorry dear zipper85, I’m not from Luxembourg and the all cars are from France.
      I’m looking with pleasure your bolg, nices pixs too (with the exif datas).

      • Alors, excuse moi,

        Je pensais que la plaque d’immatriculation sur la première photo a un peu l’air des vieux plaques luxembourgeoises.
        Merci pour le compliment sur mes photos.

        Merveilleuse voiture ta Citroën.

        • oui, en effet la SM rouge pourrait etre trompeuse avec la plaque jaune…
          je continue de faire des photos avec la mienne pour illustrer ce superbe site.


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