Assorted grab bag of stuff we like

Have a good one.

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~ by velofinds on September 5, 2011.

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  1. best grab bag yet! thanks

  2. What a coincidence – I have been fascinated by the idea of the Lancia Fulvia Sport by Zagato for a while now. But there is a part of me that thinks the “normal” Fulvia Coupe may be prettier. Fun fact: the first 700 Zagatos were built with all aluminium bodyshells!

  3. Those Fulvia Zagatos are so hot. Methinks the Quattro shouldn’t be photographed from the side. haha. Looks so odd!

    • Agreed. The shorty UrQ’s look disproportional when view directly from the side. Still, if you know how to drive a SWB car well, they are an absolute thrill (speaking as a one-time passenger, not as someone who could drive one well).

  4. Thanks for the Scirocco 16V pics! This one looks exactly like my beloved ’88, except for the Ronals on mine. First car purchased new, kept it for over 12 years (and many, many exciting miles). Incredible fun for the money!

  5. larry, you’ve been lucky enough to have ridden in a swb quattro? that’s terrific!

    any shots of your old ‘rocco? love those cars with the ronal turbos.

    • In all fairness, it wasn’t during any sort of competition. We were at an Audi club event a number of years ago, and got a brief but thrilling ride. I’m quite certain I don’t have the skills to drive an UrQ in anger – I’d most certainly kill myself (and a very expensive, rare car).

      I’ll see if I can find and scan a photo of my ’88 16V. I had 15″ Ronal R8’s (not the Turbos). 15″ was actually considered pretty big back then!

  6. Great shots! I especially like the Focus RS and the Cobra & Ford GT on the line.

  7. Nice photos!

  8. Okay. I am a woman, and the only two things I happened to like here were the sakura and the sunset 8)

  9. this old thing made freshly pressed? huh. welcome, non-car-obsessed readers! 8)

  10. pic #35 is my favorite
    thanks for sharing

  11. Great!

  12. They’re all so cute and little! My neighbor has a lotus just like that yellow one, only it’s sort of a burgundy color.

  13. Very nice selection and cross-section of performance cars.

    Heh, the Scirocco reminds me of my 83 GTI. Fun car. I even jumped it over a railroad crossing once. I was flying… and then I gouged the oil pan…

    It was my first car, and I’ve yet to own a performance/sports car since. One day however… classic British sportscars are more my speed and style.

  14. Very cool indeed.

  15. Great!!! Thank you for your photos I like Lancia Fulvia Coupè…

  16. Fantastic photos, every one. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Now I’m gonna be on the lookout for cute little cars during my trip today…

    Thanks for sharing your pics!

  17. I respect any man that owns a Subaru. – owner of a 2002 WRX wagon.

  18. Beautiful blog and the photos are stunning. Keep up the good work!

  19. Great blog!

    Also, please have a look at mine if you want 🙂

  20. killer design…. im falling for all of them… is there any one who can gift me ne of these? plzzzzz

  21. wow, nice photos with great cars.

  22. Great! Very nice pictures.

  23. ah…. where are the big formatts? Wonderful shots!

  24. wow these yesteryear beauties look fabulous. Awesome collection

  25. past, present and future. all in one !
    thanks for sharing .

  26. I’ve never been very into cars, but these are more like art!

  27. wow

  28. Cool cars. 🙂

  29. Some of these photos are amazing! I especially love some of the Audis/VWs you have taken photos of!

  30. LOVING the aston martin shooting Brake. You don’t see many of them about the place. I saw an XJS shooting brake which I thought was a very good conversoion

  31. Love the rally photos and of course.. the Lotus : )

  32. very cool post – nice photos!


  33. O wow. I can’t believe you were able to fit all those cars into a grab bag. Cool post!

  34. I really like the cars, great photography too. Ciao.

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