Assorted grab bag of stuff we like

Post-Irene, everything is fine here at MCB HQ— hope others were just as fortunate.

Without further ado, here’s this week’s grab bag.

Images via:, Jasper Simons, Bob MacMillan, William 74,,, Jason Liddell, Simon Cook, Mike Burroughs, nordschleifenfan, estoril, fotopiti, Craig3Q, rmcarrier1, and various secondary sources

~ by velofinds on August 29, 2011.

12 Responses to “Assorted grab bag of stuff we like”

  1. Wicked Citroen images….

  2. Glad everyone is alright and back to business as usual. You always manage to find the hottest BMWs in the land.

  3. More often than not, I find myself in the same position as the guy in the 2nd picture.

  4. DSamino – wow.

  5. What porsche is that in the tenth picture? Its not a 968?

  6. Irene pushed over a giant oak at my dad’s house narrowly missing his Chevy Silverrado work truck and Ford 350 work van, but it did manage to land on his 02 BMW 530i (which is tolerable) and unfortunately his ’03 540i (M-sport package), the tree is still resting on it. Luckly both cars should be repairable. Oh it also hit his neighbors ’04 330i.

  7. The white E30 M3 on gunmetal BBS wheels can originally be found here:

  8. An oak tree with a taste for fine euro’s. Hard to get mad at that.

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