Saturday. Rural Pennsylvania somewhere.

Snapped this under the glare of a sun that was already going gangbusters by mid-morning (among the worst conditions under which to shoot if you ask any photographer), so definitely trying to make lemonade out of lemons here. Or rather, wheatgrass juice out of wheat grass. If that makes any sense.

Also, test-fitted some 15″ wheels (seen here), which will eventually be going on winter tires. The 16s that the car normally wears are sporty and have a bit of a modernizing effect, but the 15s have a classic look and feel to them that’s more ‘period’. They are both great looks— one OEM and the other “OEM+”.

Next, the black front lower valance will be painted to color-match the rest of the car. Somewhat of an annoying mod (purely cosmetic, and borderline unnecessary), but there will be a better ‘flow’ in the way the lower part of the car looks as a result. After that, the goal is largely to leave well enough alone as far as exterior modifications go.

~ by velofinds on August 1, 2011.

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  1. Honestly, the 15’s look better – more period, and in my opinion, a more appropriate fit on the E30 (if they were right for an E30 M3, why not here?)

    The 16’s are certainly more aggressive, but almost look like they’re trying to hard. Just my two cents…

    • i don’t disagree with you, larry. but the 16s (what the car came with) have grown on me during the time i’ve had them. initially i wanted to change them almost immediately.

  2. I’m happy to have found this blog! I’m also jealous of your wheels! I cannot find Euroweaves anywhere. Which wheels are the 16″? What part of Pa were you in? If you are ever in the north east part I’d meet you for a mountain ride.

  3. I quite prefer the 16s. Do you know what route was taken to convert to 5 lug?

  4. I like the 16s, they give it a bit of an edge. Still factory, but a slightly more performance look.

    My Saturday was actually pretty similar, I took the Z out to Texas Hill Country west of Austin with a friend looking for great roads and some photo opportunities. Dealt with some lousy light but it was fun — hopefully I’ll find time to write about it!

  5. Bring that car to Richmond for a weekend and I will shoot the lower panels for you 🙂

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