MGB Roadster

Thought this was a neat image. What a great little [relatively inexpensive] summertime car this would make.

Image by William 74. It appears to have been taken with an Argus 75— a pseudo toy camera (think Holga) masquerading as a TLR. Cool.

~ by velofinds on July 27, 2011.

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  1. ah I thought it was a iPhone camera shot. With all these free toy camera apps on phones I’m getting a bit oversaturated! (pun not intended)

  2. My neighbor from when I grew up had more MG’s than anyone in the world. 130+. Mostly parts cars though but still…

  3. This looks to be about a 1971, same year as mine (though mine is a GT). Recessed black grill, rostyle wheels…yep, good summertime car. There’s nothing quite like cruising in a British roadster.

  4. My friend has one of these with hardly any mileage, rust or mechanical wear. It’s still a nightmare. But boy does it look and sound cool.

  5. As much as I like classic cars, I’ve always disliked MG B’s. Too much of a caricature of what a classic open top two-seater should be. Nice photo though.

  6. Is it really a caricature if it helped define the stereotype?

    Not that it was the first, but they started making them in 1964, and it really is an update on the MGA, which was launched in 1955.

    I’d call the Miata more of a caricature, and even then I can’t fault it for following a successful pattern.

    Now, the later MGBs, with the ugly rubber bumpers…those are a caricature of its former self.

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