E30 at twilight

Few new ones, straight from the camera. Sick of this car yet? 🙂

~ by velofinds on July 26, 2011.

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  1. Nice photo op, nice car, not sick of it yet…just jealous of where it’s been lately.

  2. this is what initially drew me into the lot:

  3. 1st one is golden.

  4. Nice MG Midget. Looks to be a ’65-ish or so (if it were an Austin Healey Sprite, it’d be a Mk III).

    And no, we’re not sick of the E30. No way.

  5. agree with the above, definitely not sick of the bimmer. I really dig the first pic.

  6. Not sick of it. Compared to the E21, E36 and E46 etc, the E30 shape is absolutely timeless. Delphin Grey’s the right colour for it too. Spot on!

  7. not sick of it at all. Keep it up!

  8. Definitely not sick of it. Great car and looks like a lot of fun

  9. Are those the stock wheels or did you go up a size? It sits well on those while still looking purposeful and driveable. Have you considered deleting in the US spec side indicator lights for the euro-spec ones?

    • they are up one size (16″), although i do think 15″ looks good, maybe even better (15″ has a nice stock look whereas 16″ looks vaguely modified). the sidemarkers don’t bother me— seems like more trouble than it’s worth to get rid of them.

  10. Maybe you mentioned this when you first got it but what were your impressions on the 318is? I’ve only driven my 318is and a 325e so I’m curious to know what your thoughts were if you got any read seat time with the M42 engine.

    • i have never had any seat time with the m42. i have heard they could be a lot of fun, though, with a chip, lighter flywheel, etc.— almost like a detuned m3 (although am unsure whether or not that’s a stretch comparison). fuel starvation under hard cornering (with less than a half tank of gas) is a common issue i’m told.

  11. Not sick of it at all. I’ve wanted a 2002 for a long time, but this car has me thinking about E30 possibilities

    • it has been loads of fun (and they look terrific), but the e30 will be a more modern driving experience than the 2002, given that you are more likely (though still not guaranteed) to get:

      – power steering
      – AC
      – more power

      it will still be a rawer, more ‘seat-of-your-pants’ driving experience than any modern car, though.

      i think the e21 is also worth a hard look.

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