About the radio silence

There’s a good reason for it— we’ve been away. The hope was to sort of ‘live blog’, but given the circumstances, perhaps that was too ambitious 🙂

Photos and videos to come.

~ by velofinds on July 17, 2011.

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  1. Enjoy your vacation! Look like you’re visiting some great driving locations…

  2. your e30 looks great! I guess that means the e34 deal fell through?

  3. @larry: the driving roads down south are beyond incredible.

    @thefuturegarage: yes, it (actually e28) ended up not being the right car.

  4. Hey!! Are those TSX projectors I see there??? 😉

    • right you are, thank you! they performed awesome on the many rural dark and unlit roads we encountered. very confidence-inspiring. only negative is that i am still without high beams. tried as you suggested and crimped the wires to a female connector but wasn’t able to get them to turn on. i may need to have someone check it out.

  5. They probably aren’t grounded properly. Did you attach the female ground plug to the post inside the housing?

    • you mean did i connect the female connector to the male pin inside the housing? if so, then i believe i did, yes. i wasn’t sure which pin was male so i tried both but neither worked.

      i’ll follow up with you offline if needed.

  6. Based on my experiences driving in front of you at night, I assumed you had high beams! haha

    • uh oh— maybe they need to be aimed lower after all.

      there was only one time that i was hurting for high beams, and that was on the drive to the hotel from the casino. worst visibility ever.

  7. I rarely ever use mu high beams with the TSX’s in there 🙂 I got an order for yet another set as well! Winning!

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