This is what you might call ‘zen-worthy’ we suppose

Not all of them are created equal, but at the end of the day, there’s not a single car here we wouldn’t gladly take in a heartbeat— and yes, that includes the 1M, a car we’ve panned for not being easy on the eyes. Long live small, sporty BMWs. Love.

~ by velofinds on July 13, 2011.

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  1. The 1-series coupe’s proportions are a bit awkward. Still, it would be my first choice of the group – and not just because it’s the most livable of the bunch as a daily driver.

    The ’02 and the M3 are classics, sure, but not up to the 340hp the 1M offers out of the box. And despite my best efforts, I just can’t deal with the looks of either M Coupe.

    That said, for my cash, I’d bypass the whole lot, and find a later M3.

  2. i quite like the first m-coupe but yes, a mint e46 m3 would be my pick.

  3. perfect. every single one of the bunch.

  4. If I were limited to a single choice from this group, I’d go for the 1M. For what it costs, though (about $55k, right?), you could buy a decent e30 M3 and a fine e46 M3. Or, say, a Lotus Elan and a used e90 335i coupe…

  5. Missing the perfectly balanced E36 M3. Fail.

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