The 2011 Deutsche Classic

Historically, we’ve not been big car show guys, but given that German iron in particular is near and dear to our hearts, we decided to go check out this year’s Deutsche Classic, an annually held German car show (surprise) in Fleetwood, PA. And we’re glad we did. This year’s event – our first in attendance – was held under a clear blue sky and 80-something degree weather— a nice way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon by any measure. But it was also an enjoyable show— just large enough to have an interesting mix of cars on display, but small enough to feel regional and have a relaxed, laid-back vibe. Here, a small, decidedly non-comprehensive look at some of the cars that were there.

Respect your elders. Natch.

Here, a near-perfect round tail 2002. Virtually without flaw. We believe it’s a veteran of the Northeast car show circuit as we’re pretty sure we have seen shots of it floating around the Internets before— you tend not to forget a 2002 that color.

And here, an indeed perfect 3.0 CS coupe. This car was staggeringly beautiful.. it was hard to walk way. Must’ve returned to it about three or four times.

Poor BBS-wearing E24 M6 parked alongside it, unloved. A shame, because that was a nice car, too.

Nice color on this Speedster:

Fin. Many more shots over at the Automobiliac if you’re left wanting more.

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7 Responses to “The 2011 Deutsche Classic”

  1. Whoa!!! Sweet content!

  2. Nice showing. Need to attend next year.

  3. Bill Steele’s Anthracite w108 won Best of Show I believe for the Mercedes category. That car is unrealistically clean!

  4. Great to see some MCB photography! 50mm lens for all?

  5. dissapointed in the 2nd and 3rd place BMW awards. 3rd place : an M3 with Lambo doors (not German IMO!!!) 2nd place a 5 series that belonged at a tuner show. not a celebration of German engineering!!!!!!!!

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