More Asphalt Heritage goodies

Amaury of the Asphalt Heritage Club is one of our favorite car and motorsport snappers, and here’s why: he effortlessly mines that endlessly fascinating intersection of art and documentary, as well as the everyday and the sublime. Observe.

As always, grab the whole set (generously provided in high resolution) here.

Thanks Amaury! Always a pleasure, mate.

~ by velofinds on July 8, 2011.

4 Responses to “More Asphalt Heritage goodies”

  1. “….endlessly fascinating intersection of art and documentary…” great line!

  2. A good eye perhaps, but the faux film filters look just cheesy… Pity!

    • i disagree, i think it is subtle. they look nothing like the iphone hipstamatic app, ‘lomography’ filter, and anything else that happens to be trendy at the moment. and besides, he is actually using vintage manual focus glass, so the effect could in fact largely be organic (although i am not privy to the rest of his workflow).

  3. Oh wonderful! Very inspiring! Thank you for sharing that!

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