Never seen it before: Hardy & Beck 2002

It’s a bit jarring to see quad headlights on the old girl, to say the least. They actually have a bit more E9 to them than they do later-style 3er, which is an interesting effect— almost like looking at the fascia of a 3.0 CS until you get to the rest of the car and realize that nope, that’s an 02 you’re seeing.

More on Hardy & Beck here.

(Image credit: Jeff B.)

~ by velofinds on July 7, 2011.

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  1. […] Motoring Con Brio this week posted the above photo of a BMW 2002 modified with 3-series quad-headlamps. Interesting effect. Apparently done by BMW […]

  2. Are we absolutely sure there’s a 2002 under all that? The greenhouse is all different to me. And look at the wheel wells. These are very low offset rims and they’re still within the wheel well! I just don’t believe the 2002 thing; I’m no expert on the ’02s but my eyes just won’t get past the size of the windshield, for instance. And the width of the hood! No, I’d rather believe that it’s an E28 with a bunch of 5 series pieces married to it. Maybe I’m wrong….but maybe you, too.

  3. I took this picture in the early ’80’s
    It is a Alpina A4 spec. 2002 with Alpina flares and Hardy & Beck wheels.

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