On the one hand, bitchin’— this is easily the sportiest stance we have ever seen on the big Peugeot. It looks aggressive. It looks mean. We even think the yellow auxiliary lights on either side of the Lion are Frenchie cool and give it a certain, well, je ne sais quois. On the other hand, the deep dish Borbet Type As are not really our style— too ‘Eurotuner’ aftermarket for our taste. Would love to see this car with that stance, but with a subtler, more refined set of wheels. Close – oh so tantalizingly close – but no cigar. Not quite.

~ by velofinds on June 22, 2011.

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  1. Add some Euro-market headlight assemblies, and back off on the wheel width a bit, and it’ll be almost irresistible.

    BTW, what is the deal with the ultra-wide rims on narrower tires look? Apparently, these guys own a wheel straightening business…It’s like they are begging to scrape the wheels on every curb and bend them on every pothole.

  2. I inch smaller wheels too. Panasports? to easy?

  3. i love the 505….a real soft spot from my childhood. i’m not a big fan of these ‘deep dish’ wheels though…..i agree with Larry in not understanding the whole ‘stretch’ a fat wheel on a tire….’euro tuning’ blah i guess.

  4. Being a serious 505 nutter, I will tell you the novelty of this is in the accomplishment of attatching those wheels to the car…very rare. And now I need a moment, because I lament my late departed turbo and all the sporting hopes I had for it.

  5. hello guys. my name is Rangga from Indonesia. that is my car. i really appreciate for the comments. actually, i need your suggestion about my car. so feel free to give me comments.

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    anyway, is this site from US??


    maybe you can try this one. is there many 505 in the US?? do they have many original accesories for 505 in US??

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