Rain tires

As long as we’re re-blogging Axis, we may as well go whole hog and sloppy-second this stunning image by photographer Darren Heath. Never seen anything like it.

Rain tyres are cut or moulded with patterned grooves or tread in them. This allows the tyre to quickly displace the water between the ground and the rubber on the tyre. If this water is not displaced, the car will experience an effect known as hydroplaning as the rubber will not be in contact with the ground. These grooves do not help the car grip contrary to popular belief, however if these grooves are too shallow, the grip will be impaired in wet conditions as the rubber will not be able to make good contact with the ground. The patterns are designed to displace water as quickly as possible to the edges of the tyre or into specially cut channels in the centre of the tyre. Not all groove patterns are the same. Optimal patterns depend on the car and the conditions. The grooves are also designed to generate heat when lateral forces are applied to the tyre (source).

~ by velofinds on June 16, 2011.

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  1. What a fantastic shot !

    Thanks for sharing this, did not know this great photographer.

  2. can we get a list going of awesome F1 or car photographers?

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