Oh hey, the P1800 that we love so much turned 50 the other day. We’d love to own one, but when? They’re cool as all hell, but they’re not sporty enough to scratch our enthusiast itch, nor are they practical enough to haul family around. Realistically, unless we were to become, say, a three-car household, we see the chances of ownership being slim. Which makes us sad.

If and when it happens, though, make ours the achingly pretty ES shooting brake— no question. We eagerly look forward to that day, in spite of the odds.

Images of the ES (a former BaT car) via 2shores.com (many more)

~ by velofinds on June 9, 2011.

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  1. I’ve been thinking about the P1800 a lot ever since my girlfriend pointed out a cherry one on the street the other day. They’re uncommon but usually pretty cheap. I’d love to pick one up someday. I’m partial to the coupe myself–there’s something about its lines that has a little bit of early Aston. Pick up a cheap one, swap a modern four into it, paint it that Aston silver, and voila! Sporty looking vintage tourer for cheap.

    • i had thought that an engine swap would be too much for me to handle, but i guess a reliable honda four-cylinder might be manageable. that actually sounds really appealing. i’ll need to read around to see if it’s been done before.

      obviously, i don’t think volvo powarrr is too sacred to replace.

  2. Pulled into the parking lot at work the other day and there was a coupe sitting in the customer area. Got gone before I could get back out and snap a pic or two. Always thought that they are stunning, visually, don’t know about mechanically.

  3. Ahh looks like this is a VA car 🙂

  4. Ahh right you are. Looked like VA plates at first

  5. i love these Volvo Ps….amazing that the design is 50 years old; definitely a timeless design, and a Volvo that will be loved for a long time IMO.

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