Assorted grab bag of stuff we like

Getting right to it.


Images via: Citrobert, Bayram O., rich.steinbach, lorenzo.oro13, Julien Mahiels,,, and various secondary/tertiary/quaternary sauces

~ by velofinds on June 6, 2011.

6 Responses to “Assorted grab bag of stuff we like”

  1. Great collection. Love the Saab 92; the epic Ring Taxi drift; and the lonely, salty Viper.

    Anyone want to sell me a Saab 92 for cheap? Hope you don’t mind if it ends up with an F20c in it…).

  2. Bluebird…:drool

  3. Love the Benz under the tree photo…any chance you can magically transport me there right now?

  4. Have been following your page for a little while now, gotta say that was an insane amount of awesom!!

  5. Thanks for including me in this one 🙂 Love the green DBR9 on the track. Makes me recall the “golden” years of ALMS!

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