This wonderful image from the 2011 Ardenne Roads rally by Guillaume Tassart

~ by velofinds on June 2, 2011.

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  1. When I was just out of high school, in the mid 80s, these were still obtainable by ordinary Joes. Sadly, at the time I believed they looked goofy. Joke’s on me!

    • tastes change, so that’s certainly understandable. there was a time not too long ago where i wouldn’t have wanted to be caught dead in a citroën, for example.

  2. I bought one as soon as I graduated from college in 1994. I was hot for a 911 – had been since third grade. I went to look at a ’77 911s in green. Turned out the seller was also selling a ’64 356C Cabriolet. If I remember the 911 was $7500 and the 356 $14000. I test drove both and fell in love with the 356. It was my daily for almost 3 years. Rain, sleet and snow. Sold to a guy in Norway. Ended up with a ’70 911 years later. Now I have a mild outlaw 356SC Coupe and a Z3 Coupe for a daily.

    • awesome story— thanks for sharing! i wonder what that $14,000 356 would have gone for now.

      • Plenty. But not top dollar by any means. Only reason I sold it was that it was getting rusty and I didn’t have the means for a proper restoration. There were only 1700 cabs made that years and I couldn’t bare driving it into the ground.

  3. jarrod’s feature on his 356B is also worth reading for anyone interested in these cars— great article and photos.


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