Mark 1 Celica

God what a nice-looking car that was. Sadly, it was pretty much all downhill for the Celica after that— slowly at first, then precipitously.

Shame you don’t ever see these anywhere but on the west coast, either.

Images: Dylan Leff (plenty of nice stuff here)

~ by velofinds on May 26, 2011.

8 Responses to “Mark 1 Celica”

  1. Best looking Yota ever made IMO!! Love these cars!

  2. So true, love the look of the RA21/TA22 body. I wish I could grab a good example of one. I believe that Red one is for sale on

  3. Being almost 10 years younger than the last year of this generation, I have only recently started loving this design. I can only hope to see one in decent shape now!

  4. My next door neighbor’s got a very nice forest green example of this great car. Very cool, though an automatic. Living on the east coast, it’s a rare bird indeed.

  5. the red car would be perfect except for those stupid stretched tyres.

  6. I do love this design. I love that japanese cars from this era mimicked American and German cars (Celica – pony cars, or 510 – BMW 2002, etc) but now not only do other manufacturers take designs and cues from Japanese manufacturers, but everyone wants to capture a bit of Hyundai’s new styling magic! What a fascinating industry.

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