Sushi or hamburger?

As Jeremy Clarkson once famously posed. We reply, why not both? There is enough room at our proverbial table where you wouldn’t have to choose either/or. And it’s probably not even the right question, besides— it should be more like, ‘vegetarian curry or hamburger?’

Or should it? Help us out, Brits.

~ by velofinds on May 25, 2011.

5 Responses to “Sushi or hamburger?”

  1. the elise is not japanese, at least that was the case last time i checked. =D and interestingly british food and cars seem to be completely different in character.

  2. Given the Japanese engine in the Elise.. uhh.. sort of a your-sushi-fell-in-my-curry sort of thing. Maybe. Also, most American muscle cars come from plants in Canada.. so maybe this should be back bacon v. convenience store sushi. Or something.

  3. well, Lotus is owned by Malaysians, so the sushi-veggie-curry thing is spot-on.

    • what serendipity. i had dear old blighty in mind when i suggested curry, but the same could also be applied to lotus’s malaysian overlords, as you mention.

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