Our forefathers taught us how to hoon

And yet, things were still so much more civilized back then. Note the gent with the pipe and the pocket square, who totally makes this pic.

~ by velofinds on May 24, 2011.

5 Responses to “Our forefathers taught us how to hoon”

  1. Perfect! His name was probably Edgar or Herbert.

  2. I’m confident everyone in that picture was named Herbert.

    Love the various cambers.

  3. looking like a pic from a theatre play.. so well composed and thought through.

  4. Jayzus! That front suspension seems to lack any sort of upper locating arm beyond the steering link; no wonder the wheels are flopping around every which way.

    The calm chap jumping it probably built it in a shed not big enough to lay the chassis flat, and with nothing more sophisticated than an electric kettle and a hammer.

    We are lesser men.

  5. i wonder if the wheels look like that even when the car isn’t airborne. there is some discussion on positive camber on older cars here.

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