You don’t see that everyday— truly!

A 2002 on – wait for it – 356 wheels. Not something we would do on ours, but you can’t help but admire this owner’s sense of whimsy. Somewhere, a cadre of purists is gathering up its pitchforks…

With the hub caps (baby moons). Looks better with them on than off.


Addendum: another shot courtesy of Nice stance!

~ by velofinds on May 13, 2011.

7 Responses to “You don’t see that everyday— truly!”

  1. Smitty!!!

  2. #smh

  3. Thanks for the blog love!

  4. As a former 2002 owner, I approve!
    Looks pretty cool. In the end, the baby moons aren’t all THAT different from the “bottlecap” wheel covers that came on many ’02s

  5. for some reason I like them with the hub caps off…haha

  6. I think it looks cool! I’d rock that 2002 with a good head job and a (almost) open exhaust.

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