Moment of zen: Motoring Con Brio edition

Running with some blue chip sports cars recently at the Glen! An inspired session, even if our line is sloppy.

~ by velofinds on May 5, 2011.

8 Responses to “Moment of zen: Motoring Con Brio edition”

  1. Hey, the main photo of Motoring con brio is mine! I want my royalties 🙂

  2. Where’s the sound? Why the music?

    • there is no sound, unfortunately. all you’d be hearing is white noise— the sound of rushing wind. i did experiment with a separate digital recorder mounted inside the car, but it turns out a stock gti with no aftermarket exhaust or downpipe isn’t loud enough for the recorder to capture in any meaningful way. hoping that’s not the case with the e30, which is louder (and has a supersprint exhaust, as well as an inline-six). the experimenting will continue.

  3. +3 for the soundtrack.

  4. Is that an e46 M3 you are driving?

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