Gone fishin’

Going offline for a bit, so please enjoy this early grab bag— we’ll be back in a week. Happy motoring!

Summer (or Spring, anyway). Perfect.


House of Merc.

Yellowjacket. Because “Bumblebee” sounds effete in comparison.

Block party, Ferrari-style.

LOVE this. Click for hi-res.

Images via: Julien Mahiels, Pelican Parts (yes, there was overflow), Yugamu, Spanier Photography, skochur, [ JR ], Michaelangelo10, and various secondary sources

~ by velofinds on April 29, 2011.

7 Responses to “Gone fishin’”

  1. Why does my older brother get to own both the Ur Quattro and 944 turbo (2 of them), and I’m stuck with a bicycle. Your blog is the salt in that wound.

  2. Car show season ramping up on the east coast! Enjoy your week off

  3. 951 rules!!
    I love to see your photo selections but if there is a 944 Turbo they really improve 😀

    Amazing too the M3 e46 GTR and the racing 928s.

  4. Yeah that’s all mine, thanks! As you said “light and composition” makes good photos.

  5. hey there ! someone from clubroadster.net linked me to your blog.

    I really like the photo of my miata at laguna seca ! is there any chance I could get a bigger resolution of it emailed to me ? I’d like to make a print of it for myself !

    Thanks !

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