Z4 M Coupe

We’ve had this car on here a few times before, and for good reason— it’s gorgeous. Not in any conventional way, mind you, but when you stick the S54 screamer from the E46 M3 into this curious little shape (a Bangle creation, natch), the emotional appeal is just overwhelming.

Please keep your 1-Series M Coupe. Thanks.


~ by velofinds on April 26, 2011.

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  1. That car is such a beauty. There was a 1M on the Tour as an opener this year so I had to look at it on the road in about every angle possible. It looks awkward and sounds pretty dull.

  2. i’ve driven a couple Z4 M Coupes as a couple years ago i was a bit obsessed with them and wanted to trade in on one….and it’s not nearly as nice to drive as a Cayman S or even a TT-S…..nice to look at, poor ergonomics, weird handling, and minimal practicality make it a bit of a loser as a useful sports car.

    • i don’t disagree that it isn’t a useful sports car— that would be the e46 m3 🙂 i’d personally go cayman s > z4m > e46 m3 > tt-s, in that order.

      • I’m not really big on E46 M3s….they lack imagination….i love me some Cayman S as well……and then TT-S as a very close 2nd…but the TT RS trumps all in my book

  3. a question for folks in the know. Does the car in the photo here have a special roof or are all roofs on the Z4M coupes black? I like the color contrast. Thanks.

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