One of the few times you’d actually get away with a ‘2 FST 4 U’ vanity plate

Still pretty obnoxious, though. You almost think a car as rarefied as the Audi Sport Quattro deserves better.

The stance, on the other hand, is just bananas.

More here, some tasty wallpapers (but of different cars) here. We wish we had better quality of this serious eye candy.

~ by velofinds on April 21, 2011.

5 Responses to “One of the few times you’d actually get away with a ‘2 FST 4 U’ vanity plate”

  1. Dam I love this car! Any stats on this beast?

  2. no, i’m afraid i don’t see any. assume it makes a s—t ton of HP, a s—t ton of torque, all via forced induction and delivered to all four wheels. sounds like a good time if you ask me!

  3. This thing made 550hp according to Dahlback’s site back when he actually had an ad for sale.

    Here’s a video of Norwegian(??) magazine testing it across a frozen lake.

    I have a few pictures of this car on my HD in higher resolution under new ownership (minus the cool license plate)

    If you’re interested in posting them up drop me an email and I’ll pass them on to you.

  4. Dahlback, the Hans and not just the company, can get away with whatever he wants. He is gaudy in a hick kind of way, and unquestionably awesome in the car-over kind of way. His cars are beasts, his styling is quintessentially 80s-Scandinavian, and he’s actually grown more mysterious as time goes on.

    Watch this video, and you will know what whomever you are, Hans Dahlback is too fast for you.

  5. I know his MK IV GTi 20V was putting out between 900-1100hp depending on boost. His Sports Quattros a little less.

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