Lotus Omega. Or is it Carlton?

Thanks to platform sharing, this is a car that’s always had a bit of an identity crisis. But whether you think it’s an Omega or a Carlton, a Lotus or an Opel (or a Vauxhall), we dig ’em an awful lot.

Will we ever encounter one in the metal? We’re not holding our breath. They sure look good in pictures, though.

More here.

(Images via motor-klassik.de)

~ by velofinds on April 20, 2011.

4 Responses to “Lotus Omega. Or is it Carlton?”

  1. Just a fancy Holden Commodore

  2. When I was little, a real estate agent had one in the neighbourhood. I had to walk by it every morning to go to school. Always loved it

  3. i’ve seen several during my time in europe—they’re interesting, primarily just to see a Lotus badge sitting on such a large, modified sedan. Definitely one of the true oddities of that era.

  4. My first encounter with one of these was while racing in GT4. I was doing a race and hadn’t noticed the Lotus on the grid during the opening credits. Got off to a good start with whichever car I was driving but despite my own perceived good performance, this black sedan came whizzing by!

    Yep, that’s my story as lame as it might seem.

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