M88 buddies

Well, sort of.

The BMW M88/3 is an in line 6 cylinder (I6) piston engine. It was based on the M88/1 that was used in the BMW M1’s street version, with double overhead cam and four valves per cylinder. The M88/3 was used in the early BMW M635CSi and BMW M5 (E28) and produced 286 PS (210 kW/282 hp) (source).

Nice sense of scale to this shot, too. Note that the E28 is by no means a big car! What’s interesting is that despite looking every bit the tall, boxy saloon that it is (compared to the M1, anyway), the M5 doesn’t give an inch as far as sexiness goes— in our opinion, anyway. That shark nose with those quad headlights is just a deeply stirring look— we don’t think it’ll ever fail to impress.

~ by velofinds on April 19, 2011.

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  1. 1. I wish we had a time machine so that we can go back to the 80s and really appreciate these cars.
    2. I wonder if people 30 years from now will say the same about the automotive line-up of 2011. “Boy, I’d give anything to see a new Evora in the showroom!”

  2. i had a buddy in HS who drove an e28 (alas, it might have been a 525e or 528i) and remember thinking it was just about the worst-looking car ever (i was also no fan of the w123). i did like other comparable cars from around the same time, however, including the e30 and the w124. how tastes change.

    • My best friend had an anemic 528e in high school (early 90s). He still has it (!) and is religious about its upkeep. I told him to keep it for another 15 years and it will be a true classic! I think he’ll do it.

  3. My dad owned an ’88 ///M5 and I remember getting buzzed by a Camaro in Upstate NY, my padre buried the pedal and there was no way for him to evan sort of keep up. Supercar meets sedan is not an understatement.

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