Backwoods E30

Apologies that it’s been so quiet on this front. Been having tremendous fun driving her, but the media output (photos, video, sound) has largely not been up to snuff (though there has also been some gear misbehavior) and thus, not worth publishing. Here’s one from a recent drive— more of this (and better quality) soon, hopefully.

Cue “Dueling Banjos.”

~ by velofinds on April 19, 2011.

6 Responses to “Backwoods E30”

  1. glad you’re enjoying it, drew!

  2. cue the theme music from “Deliverance” lol

    • that would be “dueling banjos” 🙂

      how do you like my crappy stock lights?

      • My wife was channel surfing and came upon THE scene in Deliverance. I implored her to immediately change the channel.

        Am plotting a journey on Nevada 50, the loneliest highway. Will report back.

      • Don’t worry… That will be fixed soon enough. And when I’m done, you will “see the light”

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