What we’d rather be doing

California somewhere, we’re guessing. We are gripped with spring fever! Must. Drive.

~ by velofinds on April 14, 2011.

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  1. yes!

  2. I just picked up an e46 M and you just inspired me to to a drive into the Rockies this weekend.


    • very jealous, and not just of the car— colorado has some incredible driving roads. rip in good health.

      • Actually I’m in SLC, Utah. I am more jealous of your e30…

        • oh nice. well anyway, it doesn’t change the fact that you have a number of enviable driving options out west.

          for the cost of an e46 m3, you could pick up two or more exceptionally clean, well-sorted E30s!

          • If only my wife would understand my e30 love. Plus finding a nice example takes patience and that’s not one of my strong points! Haha

  3. A great photo – and I wonder if isn’t what it immediately appears to be. Look at how bright the city lights in the upper right corner are. Is it possible that this picture is a long-exposure, low-light shot? I guess it’d be kind of silly, since that would almost certainly mean the e46 was parked on the road when it was taken, but the pic just looks a bit strange to me…

    In any case, great find!

    • that is certainly a possibility which i hadn’t considered! however, i agree that it seems a bit reckless to take a long-exposure night shot with the car parked for an extended period in the middle of a winding two-lane road. i think it’s more likely that it was a slightly overexposed shot taken around dusk.

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