Meanest Pagoda we’ve ever seen

Two words we never expected to string together, but here we are. It’s still more pretty than it is intimidating, but with the wide rubber, AMG Pentas, bulldog stance, and front-and-rear bumper delete, this is about as menacing as a Pagoda will ever get. It does look awfully good, although we’re unsure just how much of it is ‘show’ and how much of it is really ‘go’.

~ by velofinds on April 13, 2011.

12 Responses to “Meanest Pagoda we’ve ever seen”

  1. Bitchin!! Totally rad. I’m a MB guy and I’ve always wanted one of those… Do you have any more info on it?

  2. i have to be honest—i think that car is total blasphemy! as someone who really loves the original Pagoda—–i think that has ruined the charm!

  3. It’s awesome… I would have left it more a stock color, just to give it a more sleeper feel, and I would have done the roll bar so that it was almost invisible when the hardtop is in place. I wonder how those old swing axles handle?

  4. Those rims don’t belong on that car. Sorry.
    Plus seeing a rollcage under the pagoda roof…something doesn’t sit right for me. I’m all for bumperless and lowered though.

  5. Also, those stickers are positively retarded. Why??

  6. I love this thing – I think vintage Mercedes that have been beefed up look fantastic. Red Pig, anyone?

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